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Paying for school can seem hard. But for qualifying individuals, Federal financial aid is available – and our Financial Aid Representatives will work with you on loan applications and on finding the best options for your situation. You’re invested in your future, and we’re invested in helping you get there.

Texas Barber College is a participant in the Title IV Federal Student Aid program. A Financial Aid Representative will assist you in completing your Free Financial Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Speak with a Financial Aid Representative at Texas Barber College today to learn more about the student financial aid programs available to you.

All students who wish to apply for financial aid must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid(FAFSA) or renewal FAFSA.

We know the process/application might be confusing. Again, we are here to offer our assistance to you and your family when completing the necessary paperwork. Simply call or come by one of our financial aid offices. We look forward to serving you!

Below are several links and publications related to the Title IV Federal Student Financial Aid program.

Financial Assistance and Other Information:

General Student Title IV Financial Aid Eligibility Requirements

  • Student must have a valid social security number.
  • Student must be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen.
  • Student must be a regular student enrolled or accepted for enrollment in an eligible program for the purpose of obtaining a degree or certificate.
  • Student must meet the academic qualifications for study at the post secondary level. (Student has high school diploma, GED, or home school certificate-if approved under or accepted from state regulation.)
  • Student must be beyond the age of compulsory school attendance.
  •  Student has not been convicted of a drug-related offense that affects eligibility for FSA.
  • Student (if male) must be registered with Selective Service.
  • Student must not be enrolled solely in a remedial program.
  • Student must maintain satisfactory academic progress.
  • Student must not be in default and must not owe an overpayment on a Title IV loan or grant.
  • Student must not have borrowed in excess of loan limits.
  •  If enrolled in a correspondence course, that course must be part of an eligible program.
  • Student must have financial need.
  • Verification must have been completed, if required.
  • Is not enrolled in elementary or secondary school.
  • Is not incarcerated (loans) nor incarcerated in Federal or state penal institution (all programs).


Textbooks Costs

Texas Barber College uses Delmar Publishing and Milady from Cengage Learning in its purchasing of required texts. Students make textbook purchases through Texas Barber College.

For a complete list of textbook costs please click the link below:


Texas Barber College Textbook Cost Information